5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Roof Inspector

Maintaining your roof is like maintaining your car…if you don’t bring it into the shop every once in a while things are likely to go bad. Obviously, you can’t drive your roof into the auto shop, but you can have it inspected. A good roof inspection can let you know the condition of key items(boots, flashing, sealant, etc.), and can help you predict when they need to be repaired or replaced.

In this article, we will walk you through the top 5 questions to ask your roof inspector.

1) How Old Is My Roof?

It’s difficult to exactly determine the age of a roof, but a good inspector should be able to determine if a roof is still in its usable life. Typically 3 tab shingles will last 15 years, while architectural shingles can go up to 25 years before it’s time to replace them.

2) What Type Of Shingles Do I Have?

3 tab? Architectural? What do these mean? Your roof inspector should be able to immediately tell you what type of shingles are on your roof. 3 tab shingles are single ply and have a more flat “grid” look on your roof. Architectural shingles have more randomness and give the roof more depth. To throw your inspector a doozy, ask them if they can determine what brand or color your shingles are. This knowledge will help in case any shingle repairs are needed in the future.

3) How Is My Roof Ventilation?

Your roof protects you from the sun, and proper attic ventilation protects it from the sun’s heat. Shingles will become brittle and degrade if there is not enough ventilation to pull the heat away. Brittle shingles can crack and blow away during a storm or high winds. Your inspector should be able to identify your soffit and vents located along the ridge.

4) What Are The Condition Of My Vent Boots?

Standard roof vents need to be re-sealed or replaced every 5-8 years. Make sure your roof inspector checks the condition of the rubber seals and any sealant around the boot.

5) Is It Time To Replace My Roof?

Roofs don’t last forever and eventually need to be replaced. A reputable roof inspector will be able to determine if your roof has reached its usable life. Ask your roof inspector to provide an estimate to replace the roof. This information will allow you to budget and plan your roof replacement.

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