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In the past, you could buy a nice house that had little more than wooden window frames and single-pane windows. Concepts like heat transfer efficiency and the solar radiation coefficient weren’t on the minds of contractors or homeowners.

Of course, all of that has changed in the modern era. Homeowners all throughout South Carolina are running to invest in modern high-efficiency windows to protect their homes. The simple truth is that newer windows are built better. They keep the temperature balanced, let the sunlight flow, and block the noise outdoors.

These are all reasons why Blythewood window replacements have become a top remodeling priority for our customers during the last decade. The good news is that replacing your windows might be easier than you think.

At Midlands Roofing, we install new window systems for homeowners on a daily basis. We take those old, inefficient windows away and replace them with stylish, efficient, vinyl windows. It’s an affordable investment that will benefit your home and family for years to come.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Old Windows With High-Efficiency Windows

Here are several reasons to replace your windows with newer, energy-efficient ones.

Lower Energy Bill

There are at least a dozen different parts of your home that can directly or indirectly contribute to your energy bill. Things like your insulation, lights, and HVAC system are all obvious places to look when your bill gets out of control.

But what do you do after you’ve checked all of those boxes and the bill is still too high? You look to your windows.

It’s estimated that around 18 percent of the heat lost in a house goes through the windows. Heat can be lost through windows by means of radiation, conduction, and convection. In fact, windows should be the first place you look when your bill skyrockets; not the last.

High-efficiency windows can help you keep that heat indoors, thus lowering your HVAC usage and your energy bill.

Brighter Rooms

High-efficiency windows are designed to allow maximum sunlight with minimum heat transfer.

With natural sunlight passing through your windows you won’t need to use electric lights for most of the day depending on the position of the window. Not only does this make your rooms look better but it also once again can help lower your energy bill.

Less Noise Indoors

Blythewood isn’t the noisiest town in South Carolina but it does have its wild nights. Depending on where you live, you might have to deal with a lot of unwanted outdoor noise on the weekends.

High-efficiency windows are designed to control more than just heat and light. They are also designed to dampen noise from the outdoors. If you prefer peace and tranquility in your home, then high-efficiency windows are a must.

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Don’t think of high-efficiency Blythewood window replacements as a major expense. Instead, think of it as a major investment in your home.

These new window systems are in-demand across the country due to their numerous advantages over older windows.

Installing newer high-efficiency windows will immediately add value to your home. Homes with these windows sell faster and they sell for more.

Blythewood Window Replacement - Midlands Roofing

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

At Midlands Roofing, we believe that vinyl is the best possible material for new window replacements in Blythewood.

It’s a durable, flexible, and affordable material that works perfectly for housing a window. Overall, it’s a much more efficient material than a traditional wooden or aluminum frame.


It doesn’t get much more affordable than vinyl. This is a material that is very easy to produce and modify. The low price tag combined with its numerous benefits has helped it to become one of the most common exterior building materials available.

That’s why you’ll find vinyl windows, vinyl siding, and vinyl flooring. It’s a low-cost material with a noticeable return on investment.


The material should be one of the top considerations when you’re looking for a high-efficiency window.

Vinyl happens to be more energy efficient than nearly every other alternative. This is primarily due to its excellent insulation capabilities. Vinyl only allows a small amount of heat to be transferred through radiation or conduction.


Blythewood is a calm town with relatively calm weather. When the winds and rains do get hard you want a window that will be able to stand up to the elements. Vinyl is an extremely durable material that is resistant to rotting, rusting, peeling, molding, and warping.


Every other window alternative will require significantly more maintenance than vinyl. Maintaining a vinyl window is as easy as washing it with a cloth and some mild detergent. You never need to repaint, re-stain, or apply any other chemicals to the window frame.

Styles of Windows Offered By Midlands Roofing

We offer four main styles of windows here at Midlands Roofing.

Single Hung Windows

This is a traditional window style with a fixed sash at the top and a bottom pane that can be opened or closed.

Double Hung Windows

This window style has an operable sash on the top and the bottom. Both panels can be raised, lowered, or angled open depending on the window’s design.


These can be single or double-hung windows. The only major difference is the external screen attached to the window.

The screen helps keep pests outdoors and pets indoors.

Grids in the Window

These grids are designed for aesthetic purposes rather than keeping pests outdoors.

Grids can line the perimeter of the window, stick to the outside of the plane, or be inserted between panes in a multi-pane window.

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Windows make a huge difference around the house in terms of temperature, noise control, and light levels. They can also look really stylish with external grids and window perimeters.

At Midlands Roofing, we help homeowners upgrade to newer high-efficiency windows on a regular basis and we can help you too. Call us for a free estimate at 803-414-6801 today.

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