Chapin Window Replacement

Here at Midlands Roofing, we understand just how important windows are for every home. You can’t expect to stay comfortable year-round in Chapin if your windows aren’t functioning properly.

And sometimes even windows that are functioning properly aren’t enough to separate the temperature indoors and outdoors. In those cases, it’s time to upgrade to a window with a higher efficiency rating.

Our company has served the Chapin area for more than a decade from our home office in Columbia, SC. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners to install newer, more efficient windows that greatly improve their quality of life.

These new windows not only help make life more comfortable, but they can increase the value of the home as well.

Midlands Roofing will walk through every step of the process with you from your estimate, to choosing your windows, to the final installation.

We’ll help you find the style and material you like at a price that will make you happy.

Pick up the phone and call us today at 803-414-6801 for a completely free estimate for Chapin window replacement.

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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Windows With High-Efficiency Windows?

Customers regularly ask us whether high-efficiency windows are worth the extra investment.

Should they go through the trouble of replacing their windows? What benefits will newer high-efficiency windows provide?

The answer to the first question is always “yes”.

High-efficiency windows are almost always a smart investment for any homeowner interested in improving comfort levels, lowering their energy bill, and increasing the value of their property.

High-efficiency windows are an improvement over older windows in several different areas. They have:

  • A Lower U-Factor: This number represents the window’s resistance to the transfer of heat.
    • A higher number means that the window allows more heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors.
    • High-efficiency windows with a low U-factor allow very little heat transfer.
  • A Lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: The SHGC represents the percentage of solar heat radiation that is capable of passing through the window.
    • The radiation can either move directly through the window or be absorbed by the window and slowly released in the home.
    • High-efficiency windows have a lower SHGC, which means that much less solar heat radiation can penetrate the home.
  • Energy Star Qualification: A window can qualify for an Energy Star rating if it is tested and performs better than 75 percent of the competition in terms of energy efficiency.
    • Not every energy-efficient window has an Energy Star qualification but it’s always a good sign when they do.

What Types of Windows Does Midlands Roofing Offer?

Choosing the right materials for your windows is an essential part of the process. Here at Midlands Roofing, we specialize in installing high-efficiency vinyl windows.

Vinyl has grown to become one of the most popular material choices for window replacement in the Chapin area due to its high efficiency and low maintenance.

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home?

Here some of the key benefits of vinyl windows.

Durability & Resistance

Vinyl windows are incredibly durable and can easily survive for decades in the local Chapin climate. The material can easily resist harmful elements like water, ultraviolet radiation, and excessive heat.

Whether it’s a long, hot summer or a freezing winter; your vinyl windows won’t suffer and degrade.

High Energy Efficiency

When choosing high-efficiency windows it makes sense to choose a high-efficiency building material. Vinyl is one of the most efficient materials on the market for windows, sidings, and floors.

It provides a natural source of insulation even before implementing high-efficiency design techniques.


No homeowner wants to break the bank by replacing their old windows. Adding value to your home and saving money on your energy bill won’t matter if the windows are too expensive.

Vinyl happens to be an extremely affordable material despite its durability, resistance, and energy efficiency.

Low Maintenance

Some materials like wood require constant maintenance to survive a full lifespan. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires very little effort to maintain.

They come from the shop with color applied and never require more paint or staining.

Cleaning vinyl doesn’t require any special chemicals or techniques. All you need is a source of water and some mild soap to clean the windows without damaging the finish.

Chapin Window Replacement

What Types of Styles of Windows Does Midlands Roofing Offer?

Our impressive catalog of windows includes a few key styles that will fit any theme or décor.

Double or Single Hung

Double and single-hung windows are among the most popular styles of windows used throughout the state.

A single hung window has only one operable sash on the bottom and a fixed sash on the top.

The bottom half of the window can move up and down while the top half always remains stationary.

A double-hung window has two operable sashes that allow the top and bottom to be opened independently.


We’ve been in business in Chapin for a long time and know just how bad the insects can get during the summer.

If you want to be able to open your window without letting the pests indoors, then you need to invest in a screened window.

Screened windows can come in their own unique styles as well, including double-hung and single-hung variations.

Grids on the Window

A window grid is a purely decorative insert that can be added between window panes or on the outside.

Adding a unique grid to your high-efficiency windows is a great way to combine style with efficiency.

There are several existing grid styles available, including colonial style, diamond style, and perimeter grids.

For Chapin Window Replacement, Contact Midlands Roofing Today!

If you’re struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors or your energy bill is just too high, then it’s time to consider investing in high-efficiency window replacement in Chapin.

Energy-efficient vinyl windows installed by Midlands Roofing can help save as much as 12 percent on your heating and cooling bill every year.

We can help you find a material and style that is perfect for your home. Call us at 803-414-6801 to schedule a consultation today with a free estimate for Chapin window replacement.

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