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Are you experiencing roofing problems? Are you looking for a professional and experienced roofing contractor? If so, you are in the right place. Midlands Roofing & Exteriors will make the replacement and installation of your roof a breeze for you. We all know the devastation a roof can cause, especially when it is leaking. If you are experiencing roof problems, have you ever considered whether it is time to replace your roof?

If you are in need of a new roof, let our Columbia roof replacement experts at Midlands Roofing help solve the problem. That is because we have a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and professional residential roofing contractors. We are ready to handle any roofing issue that you may be experiencing.

Midlands Roofing is a family-owned local business in Columbia, SC. We are proud to serve the community, one home at a time. As such, we value our clients as family and work hard to ensure they are satisfied. We offer a free, non-obligational estimate. This means that if you have questions you need answers to, call us at 803-414-6801. We have a reliable customer care department available 24/7 waiting for your call.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Roof?

The million-dollar question is how do you identify the signs that you need a new roof? Well, the signs will differ based on the condition of the roof. The best thing about these signs is that they are clearly visible, although some signs may sneak up on you without warning. This is why we recommend allowing our professionals to inspect your roof before making any decisions.

Nevertheless, the signs you need a new roof include:

  • Several missing or damaged tiles or shingles
  • Standing or leaking water
  • A roof that is more than 20 years old
  • Curled shingle shingles
  • Any discoloration or damage to the vents
  • Defects near the skylight or chimney

When Should You Consider a Roof Replacement?

It is important to note that a roof is an important piece of your home’s exterior. Moreover, it plays an important role in boosting the level of comfort and property value of your property. In other words, it offers many benefits, such as protecting your home from outside elements, pests, and beautifying the building. This is why it is important to keep your roof in good repair.

You should definitely replace your roof when:

  • If a storm has damaged the roof
  • If it is leaking in more than one location
  • If you want to increase the value of your home,
  • If the roof is in poor condition
  • If you are undertaking a major remodeling project,

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

The time taken to replace a roof will depend on several factors. In fact, these factors will play a huge role. A few examples of these factors include:

  • Roof size (square feet): It is important to note that a 3,000 square foot roof will take about a day to complete on average.
  • The extent of the damage: If the damage has gone beyond the singles, then it will most likely take a longer time to complete the replacement.
  • The roof design: if a house has a simple roof design, it will most likely take a day to complete the replacement. However, if the roof design is complex, it will demand more time.
  • Accessibility: If a roof is not easily accessible and demands complex and specialized tools, it will most definitely take more time.
  • Weather and season: Of course, the weather and time of year will have an impact on how long it takes to replace a roof. For example, it will take longer to replace a roof in the autumn months.

To get an accurate time estimate based on your circumstances, you should contact our experts at Midlands Roofing. Do not worry about the cost because we offer free cost and time estimation.

Columbia roof replacement contractors installing new roof

What Types of Services Can Midland Roofing Provide?

At Midlands Roofing, we offer a variety of services that include:

To find out more about any of the services we offer, contact us at (phone). We will answer any questions you may have and offer a free estimate.

Why Should I Hire Midlands Roofing for My Roof Replacement in Columbia?

We understand how important it is to save money whenever possible. We understand how necessary this is. However, when it comes to huge projects such as roofing, you have to evaluate cost, longevity, and professionalism. What does this mean? It simply means that when it comes to roofing needs, this is not one of the things that you can get cheaply and expect the job to be done correctly.

As such, let us look at the 4 main reasons you should hire our professional roofing contractors:

Received Proper Safety Training

Safety is a critical component of roof replacement. In fact, it should be one of the main reasons you should hire a professional contractor. Our contractors have gained years of knowledge and training regarding proper work ethics and safety.

Access to Better Quality Materials

When it comes to roof replacement, having access to quality materials is important. Let’s not forget the fact that quality materials directly translate to the quality of the work and the longevity of the project.


Hiring us gives you access to professional roofing contractors who are known for quality workmanship. Remember, roofing projects demand experience, knowledge, training, and skills, to provide a high-quality project. With over a decade of experience, we know the right steps to take for different projects.

Better Roof Warranty Options

Getting a roof warranty option is one of the benefits of hiring us.

Call Our Columbia Roof Replacement Contractors Today!

If you are considering replacing your roof in Columbia, SC, call Midlands Roofing today.

Do not worry if you are overwhelmed by the options. Our professionals are happy to explain the benefits of everything. We are professionals and replacement experts. We value our client’s homes and treat them as if they were our own. We will walk you through all your replacement options and maintain constant contact with you.

To learn more about your replacement options and get a free roof replacement estimate, call us at 803-414-6801. Allow our experts to work for you. We will work with you at every step.

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