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Your home’s siding is essentially your first line of defense against pests and harsh weather. It’s also one of the most visible parts of your home. However, when it comes to home improvement projects, the siding rarely gets its due.

While the siding might not be at the top of your home improvement priorities, it’s really important to the overall energy efficiency, aesthetics, and integrity of your home. High-quality and well-maintained siding will significantly improve your property value and curb appeal. Perhaps more importantly, the siding will protect your home from the elements, insulating it from extreme weather, debris, and pests.

Unfortunately, no siding lasts forever, and yours will inevitably require replacement. If you’re not sure whether or not your siding needs replacement, your best bet is to consult with our expert Columbia siding contractors at Midlands Roofing for advice. Call us at 803-414-6801 to learn more.

When Do I Need to Replace the Siding on My House?

How can you tell it’s time to replace your home’s siding? Below are some of the most common signs to look out for:

Cracked or Loose Siding

Cracked or loose areas might be some of the most obvious signs that your siding is damaged beyond repair. Even small cracks could be a sign of a much larger problem.

Faded or Peeling Siding

Severely faded siding that has lost its color is a sure sign that its waterproofing ability is on its last leg. While it doesn’t mean that the siding is entirely useless, it’s certainly time to consider replacing it before it’s too late.

Warped or Rotted Siding

Warped, buckled, or rotting siding can damage the curb appeal of your home, and might be a sign that the siding is not protecting your home as it should. If only a few areas are rotten or warped, you might be able to just replace the affected pieces.

Holes or Damage

Termites, woodpeckers, and other pests are often more than just a nuisance – they can create holes and seriously damage your home. If you have frequent issues with pests, you may want to replace your siding with materials that repel critters.

Mold or Mildew

Be wary of mold, fungus, and other forms of growth that could appear on your siding, especially near the seams. These usually grow where moisture is available, and their presence indicates that water is seeping into your siding.

Bubbles in Exterior Paint, Water Stains on the Interior, or Swelling

If you notice any kind of bubbling or blisters on the surface of your siding, it’s a major red flag. These typically indicate water getting trapped in the siding, which translates into a moisture problem.

Heating and Cooling Bills Increase

While there are many factors at play when energy bills go beyond the norm, if you’ve ruled out faulty installations, the attic, and drafty windows, you should consider checking for bad siding. Damaged siding does not insulate effectively, and this will be reflected in your energy bill.

What Are the Different Types of Siding?

If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, don’t worry. Our Columbia siding contractors are happy to help you find the type that suits your needs and budget.


Aluminum siding is a cost-effective option that’s also fairly durable, as it could last 40 years or more. Aluminum is ideally lightweight, eco-friendly, easy to install, and weather resistant. It can also withstand harsh weather and corrosion.


  • Easy and affordable to install
  • Durable yet Lightweight
  • Resistant to water, fire, insects, pests, and corrosion
  • Can be painted


  • Dents and scratches quite easily, which can be a problem during hail storms and hurricanes


Wood is very popular when it comes to siding for residential homes, probably because it was one of the first siding types used on homes, and comes with lots of options for appearance and style.


  • Lightweight and relatively easy to install
  • Can be installed in a variety of patterns and styles
  • There are different types of wood to choose from
  • Available in a wide range of costs to fit most budgets


  • High maintenance requirements compared to other options
  • Prone to developing problems with water

Columbia siding contractors


Steel siding and roofing are quite popular in residential homes. While it can be expensive to install, the durability and longevity of steel make it worth it. It can also be manufactured to imitate other kinds of siding, with the added benefit of durability.


  • Resistant to fire, bugs, pests, mold, and mildew
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Solid durability
  • Can be painted


  • Not ideal for coastal or wet climates
  • Prone to damage and dents, depending on the steel quality

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement sidings are increasingly becoming a popular option for many homeowners thanks to their affordable price, incredible weather resistance, and superior durability. It also looks great when installed, and can be availed in almost any color.


  • Extremely durable (lasts up to 50 years)
  • Plenty of color options
  • Low maintenance
  • Can withstand extreme weather


  • Not DIY friendly
  • High upfront costs


Vinyl siding has been the go-to option for many homeowners for its durability and affordability. They are also insect and weatherproof and resistant to fading, making them an ideal option for many homes.


  • Weather resistant for all climates
  • Low maintenance
  • Many color options
  • Can last for 20 to 40 years


  • Prone to becoming brittle over time

Why Choose Midlands Roofing for Siding Replacement?

Whether you’re looking for sidings for your new home or just want to touch up the exterior of your home, you should talk to a professional first. Midlands Roofing is entrusted by lots of homeowners in Columbia, SC when it comes to siding installation, repair, and replacement.

We Can Give You Expert Recommendations

Failure to do the proper research before choosing the right siding for your home means you will likely miss out on great options as they did not come up in your research. Our team is well aware of the products available in the market today, and we can help you choose the siding that suits your needs.

We Know the Local Climate and Building Codes

No matter how durable the exterior of your home might be, it pays to work with materials that can handle the extreme weather conditions that might occur in your area. Our team is well familiar with the local building codes and the climate conditions, and we can make better recommendations about the most suitable siding materials for your home.

We also have an extensive local network in case your project requires other professionals such as electricians and plumbers. This ensures that we deliver the best quality service possible to you. You can rest easy knowing that we are doing our best to ensure you achieve your dream results.

Enjoy Great Response Times

As a local company, we are more accessible to our clients in Columbia. Once we agree on the details of your project, we’ll get to work right away. You can also locate us pretty easily if you have any concerns about the results of your project. Regardless of how you look at it, it’s wise to work with us on your siding project.

We can also effectively conduct emergency siding repair to mitigate issues such as storm damage. We know that every second counts when facing an emergency. The longer it takes to repair holes in your siding, the higher the risk the damage will extend to the rest of your home.

Call Our Top Siding Contractors in Columbia Today!

At Midlands Roofing, we have been providing home improvement services to homeowners in Columbia, SC and the surrounding communities for over a decade. We are ready to help you with all your exterior home improvement needs.

Reach out to us today at 803-414-6801 to schedule an appointment with a siding professional and to learn more about the services and products we offer.

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