Columbia Storm Damage Repair

From thunderstorms, hailstorms, and tornadoes that bring heavy rains and winds, storms can take a toll on roofs, gutters, and siding. While some forms of roof damage are more apparent, like impact damage and missing shingles, others like damage from hail are not always noticeable.

Following a severe storm, it is important to check your exterior and roof for possible damage. Some insurance carriers will claim the damage was due to general wear and tear, which is not usually covered in a homeowner’s policy.

This is where a Columbia storm damage repair specialist comes into the picture. Our roofing contractors will conduct a professional inspection, and uncover hidden damage so that you can be able to claim the amount you deserve for repairs.

After a severe storm, reach out to our team at Midlands Roofing by calling 803-414-6801 for professional assistance with inspection and roof repairs in Columbia, SC.

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What Are the Different Types of Storm Damage to Roofs?

When our Columbia storm damage repair specialists come to fix a roof, here are some of the most common issues they encounter:

Wind Damage

Wind damage is arguably the most common form of storm damage. The primary dangers of strong winds are falling debris impacting the roof and shingles deterioration. Shingles can get punctured or fly off, leaving open spots on the roof vulnerable to leaks during rainfall.

Roof damage from wind storms is not always noticeable from the ground, particularly in cases of missing flashing. As such, it is important to schedule a professional roof inspection.

Hail Damage

Hail is a substantial threat to your roof’s integrity. Damage from hail storms is often apparent and can result in immediate problems if severe enough. However, the damage can also go unnoticed for the next several storms until extensive damage has been done. Doing a thorough inspection following a hail storm is the only way to prevent the possibility of expensive repairs or even total roof replacement in the future.

Rain Damage

Heavy rains can also lead to shingles damage, knocking the granules off their surfaces. The granules on shingle surfaces are meant to help deflect the sun, keeping your house cooler during the hot months. During a storm, a heavy downpour can knock these granules off, and wash them down into the gutters.

Extreme moisture is never good for a roof. If it makes its way into the weak spots, it penetrates into other sections of your house, leading to issues like mold growth and impact on the structural integrity of the property. If you suspect a leaking roof or damage that causes water to make its way to other parts of your home, contact a reputable local roofing contractor.

What Does Storm Damage Look Like?

There are several tell-tale signs of damage sustained on your roof following a storm. The most common include:

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Heavy storms can lead to the immediate loss of shingles that were intact previously. Even if they are still present, they may require repair or replacement. Check for dents and cracks after a severe storm.

roof severely damaged by storm, Columbia storm damage repair concept

Missing Flashing

Storms can also make fittings like flashing shift out of place. Following a particularly strong storm, it is important to look for signs of dents, loosening, or missing of this integral part of the roofing system.

Water Damage Inside the House

Debris and the force of winds can affect the integrity of your roof, causing wear and tear. This leads to spots where water can easily pass through and get inside your house. It can even make its way to the foundation, causing structural damage over time. If you notice any form of water damage in your house, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

What Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to the roof as long as it was a result of events beyond your control. This means that your policy should cover damage caused by extreme weather events, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, and also moderate events like heavy winds, hail, and rainstorms. However, there are some policies with hail and windstorm exclusions.

The coverage for roof insurance claims will depend on your location and the age of your roof among other factors. The only way to be certain about what is covered and not covered in regards to storm damage is to contact your insurance carrier and ask about your homeowner’s insurance policy specifics. Bear in mind that you will most likely have to pay a deductible before the carrier covers the repairs or replacement.

Beware of Storm Chaser Roofers in Columbia, SC

Natural disasters, especially heavy storms tend to attract a huge number of unscrupulous roofing contractors. These are known as storm chasers. They are dishonest roofers that sweep into a location following a big storm with the aim of scamming homeowners, who are in dire need of roof repairs or replacements.

These fraudsters make false claims, exaggerate the extent of damage, insist that you pay before the job is complete, do sub-par work and then disappear. They don’t have a local office, an address, or genuine business number, or a website.

It is important that you beware of such roofers when looking for assistance after a storm. Even if it is an emergency, it is important that you do your homework, and hire a local reputable roofing company.

When choosing one, first check their credentials. Ensure they are licensed to operate in South Carolina and have adequate insurance coverage. Also, check online reviews about what past clients have to say about their products and services. You want a trustworthy and respectable residential roofing contractor for satisfactory results.

Hire the Right Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialist in Columbia, SC!

If you check your roof and notice damage following a storm, it’s imperative that you contact your insurance carrier and have a professional come and handle the issue as soon as possible. Many homeowners put off doing this as they overlook the extent of the damage.

Leaving storm roof damage for an extended period will not only deteriorate other parts of the roofing system but cause damage to other parts of the house as well. Avoid ruining the structural integrity of your home and avoid the expensive repairs and replacements by taking action early.

Call Midlands Roofing today at 803-414-6801 for immediate assistance. We will be happy to provide a free estimate on storm damage roof repair jobs in Columbia.

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