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Rain gutters are essential in keeping downpours away from the sides of your home and protecting the landscaping from getting flooded. Additionally, you can decide to get gutters for your home to trap rainwater and store it for use at a later occasion. Gutters make sure that rainwater from the roof is delivered safely to the ground to avoid damaging your home foundation, which can get folded easily when too much rainwater pours down from the roof. Whether you are installing new gutters or replacing/repairing old ones, it is always best to call a professional to handle the job.

Are you looking for a reliable professional roofing contractor to install your gutters in your Elgin, SC, home? Midlands Roofing & Exteriors is the contractor to call. We have the best expertise to install new gutters, repair any damage, and replacing old and worn-out gutters. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure the best gutter option for your home. Call us now on 803-414-6801 to get our services.

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Why Are Gutters Important?

Gutters are essential in protecting your yard and neighboring yards as well. If your gutters are not functioning as required, there is a risk of rainwater cutting pathways through your and your neighbor’s yard. The water could create pools and ditches that can destroy any vegetation in the area.

Gutters are also the main defense against heavy downpours and runoff on the concrete surfaces surrounding the home. Without gutters, these surfaces will succumb to the heavy downpour and start getting damaged.

How Do I Know When I Need New Gutters?

Check these signs that your gutters are failing and what is causing that:

Water Spilling Over – If you have spotted waterfalls on different parts of the house when it is raining, your gutters may be damaged and need to be repaired. If you spot this, check for obstructions in the gutters. There may also be holes in the gutters that need to be repaired.

Bad Odor – When there are leaves and other types of debris in your gutters, they may cause small rodents to make the place their habitat when it is not rainy season. During the rainy season, these are likely to cause blockages. The debris gets wet and causes a bad odor.

Sagging – If you notice your gutters sagging, it could be the result of too much debris inside. You need to call a professional to clean the gutters and ensure that all the debris is cleared. You should also prune any trees with large branches that deposit too many leaves and sticks in the gutters.

Are There Different Types of Gutters?

Yes. There are various types of gutters. Let’s look at the most common ones.

Sectional Gutters

These are sold in pieces and then connected to make one big gutter system. The pieces are around ten to twenty ft mostly connected using an adhesive. The contractor uses a hacksaw to make the pieces fit in spaces where this is needed, such as the corners of a roof.


  • They are easy to install and do not take too much time.
  • They are also cheaper compared to other types.


  • They are not durable and will often leak or fail to collect water as required.

Seamless Gutters

These are built from a single piece of material and do not have joints. They run as a whole system around your home.


  • They do not have leaks as they do not have joints
  • If you have gutter guards, they do not require much maintenance.
  • They are durable
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing for the house.


  • You cannot install them on your own, you have to call a contractor.

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Are Gutters Available In Different Materials?

There are various materials used to make gutters.


This material is mostly used to make seamless gutters as it is sturdy and can resist rust. Additionally, it can withstand the weight of debris from the roof and nearby tree leaves/sticks. A copper gutter can last years with the right maintenance.


  • It is a sturdy material so damage will be much less.
  • Copper is a beautiful material so the gutters will have a pleasing look on the house.
  • The material does not rust and is durable.
  • The material comes available for seamless gutters.


  • Copper is a heavy material, which means you will need gutter guards.
  • The initial installation costs are high.


This material is used to make most sectional gutters. Most homeowners love vinyl gutters because they make for an easy DIY gutter installation. They are also a cheaper material than copper.


  • The low initial cost of investment
  • Light in weight.


  • Weak compared to copper gutters.
  • They often result in leaks after a short time.
  • They are not great for very cold weather.
  • They tend to get brittle and crack with time.


This is easily the most popular material for gutters. Gutters made from this material are rust resistant and resistant to harsh weather. They are also much lighter than copper and last longer than vinyl so they are good middle ground.


  • Strong and light in weight so they do not need gutter guards.
  • They do not rust.
  • They can be installed as seamless gutters.
  • They can be painted to look appealing.


  • They can be dented, especially by heavy debris or large tree branches.

Why Should I Use Midlands Roofing Gutter Contractors To Replace My Gutters?

Expertise – We are expert roofing and gutter replacement professionals. Our experience means that we are aware of the challenges different materials present and how to tackle them. We also install long-lasting gutters that do not start leaking too soon after the installation. With over a decade in the job, we can confidently say that we are the best contractor to choose.

Licensed – We are a licensed company, so working with us guarantees that you are hiring professionals that you can trust to handle the job efficiently.

Solid Reputation – We always deliver satisfactory work to our clients, which is why our company’s reputation speaks for itself.

Do not let old gutters trouble you. Call Midlands Roofing & Exteriors to handle the repairs or replacement for you. Reach out to us on 803-414-6801 today and get professionals for the job.

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