Irmo Window Replacement

The windows on your home are just holes that allow the warm sunshine and beautiful views to come into your home.

As such, an aesthetic job of looking stylish and aesthetically pleasing and they have a functional value of keeping the elements out.

At Midlands Roofing our Irmo window replacement team provides our clients with a beautiful selection of high-efficiency windows to suit every need and location.

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If you have been considering improving your home with high-efficiency windows, here is what you should know about the windows we offer and how they can benefit your home life.

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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Windows with High-Efficiency Windows?

High-efficiency windows improve the basic functions of the window by keeping energy use minimal and looking amazing.

Here are some benefits to expect from high-efficiency windows.

Saving Money and Reducing Carbon Footprints

The windows are one of the greatest points for heat transfer in the home.

In the summer, the heat of the sun can raise the temperature of your home, and in the winter the heat from the home will just as easily pass through the window to the outside.

High-efficiency windows maintain the thermal pocket of the home and relieve much strain on your home’s HVAC unit — this means big savings for you!

Improves Comfort

High-efficiency windows maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home.

While anyone can benefit from a steady and relaxing temperature in the home, seniors, infants, and sick folks are especially susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

High-efficiency windows can promote a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere.

Protect Furniture from UV Rays

The sunlight that comes in through the windows brings in power UV rays that can affect the interior of your home in many ways.

Your furniture, upholstery, and floor fabrics can be especially susceptible to this type of damage.

But so can photographs, certain electronics, paintings, and woodwork.

High-efficiency windows block UV rays from entering the home by as much as 75%.

Noise reduction

High-efficiency windows improve the insulation and can be a good solution to noisy neighborhoods or high-traffic areas.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

Because of their special design, materials, and construction, high-efficiency windows require less maintenance.

They are resistant to moisture, mold, staining, UV rays, and even dust and rust.

So long as you provide the basic cleaning and mechanical attention, they will work just fine for a long time.

Irmo Window Replacement

What Types of Windows Does Midlands Roofing Offer?

At Midlands Roofing, our Irmo window replacement team offers high-efficiency windows in a wide array of designs and styles.

Here are some stylish, highly-functional, and high-efficiency window designs we offer for your property.

Awning Windows

These are often paired with windows and doors to add a stylish appeal to the property.

So long as they are not obstructed by traffic or any other exterior element, they provide ventilation and aesthetic value.

Casement Windows

Like awning windows, casement windows open outward so you will need to consider the exteriors.

Casement windows provide ample light and ventilation, while still creating a strong energy-efficient barrier when closed.

Picture Windows

While they aren’t great for ventilation, picture windows can create a large display of an especially beautiful view.

And as far as getting sunlight and starlight, there is nothing like them. They don’t open so there is a good air seal, however, the expanses of glass can absorb and transmit heat.

Which can make them energy in-efficient during a hot summer with lots of sunlight — think of the greenhouse effect.

Bay Windows

If you are looking for a window that expands the interior space and provides a commanding view of the exterior of your home, you want a bay window.

These can be arranged at different angles and lengths of projection, the only limits being the orientation of your home and the imagination.

These are very common in kitchens and sitting rooms.

Slider Windows

These windows are built on special rails and can be slid from side to side. You can choose to have one side fixed or both sides mobile.

These are often used in egress windows, basements, and below-grade bedrooms. Because they are simple, they are easy to maintain.

Vinyl windows

Made of durable and weather-resistant material, vinyl windows provide many advantages to the economy-minded homeowner.

They have a service life of up to 15 years, good insulation, low maintenance, energy efficiency, sound-proofing, a huge variety of aesthetics, and affordability.

If you need the high-efficiency window that ticks all the boxes, this is the one for you.

What Types of Styles of Windows Does Midlands Roofing Offer?

The windows our Irmo window replacement team provides can then be further modified to best accommodate the needs of your location.

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

The most common types of windows we see.

The single-hung option has a fixed upper sash and a lower sash that can be opened and closed.

As you can imagine, double-hung has two movable sashes.


A window screen can help to keep dust, and debris, but most importantly, bugs and vermin out of your house if you would like to leave the windows open.

This involves stretching a mesh material made of metal, nylon, plastic, or other materials over a frame fastened over a frame.

Grids in the window

No matter what type of window you choose, a window grid can add some dimension and style.

This involves strips of material that are laid across the pane glass window.

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