Roof Insurance Claims South Carolina

Roof Insurance Claims South Carolina

Midlands Roofing & Exteriors is a leading contractor specializing in home renovation and construction services. We guide our clients with roof insurance claims in South Carolina and reduce the financial stress associated with fixing a leaky roof, broken window, or damaged siding. 

Does Insurance Cover Damage To Shingles?

A homeowner’s insurance covers most types of roofing damage. Missing shingles are a common occurrence, especially after a wind storm. Some insurance companies pay for a patch job depending on the extent of your roof damage. A few insurance providers pay for total roof replacement. Make sure to have one of our local roofing contractors inspect your roof to determine the severity of the roof damage and help you justify a replacement insurance claim to your insurer.

You can also call your insurance provider to file a claim if you have broken asphalt shingles or gutters due to hail storms. Although not all homeowners insurance covers hail storm damage. The extent of coverage offered by insurance providers for roof damage depends on the cause of the repair, your insurance company, and the benefits covered under your policy. 

You may consult the best roofing contractor about your roof repair before contacting the insurance company for a detailed understanding.

Create A Home Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

Most people feel clueless about filing a roof claim with their insurance company. Here are the steps involved in filing roof insurance claims in South Carolina: 

  • Review Your Insurance Policy

Begin by trying to understand your policy. Check if your policy covers roof repair, as some policies do not include wind and hail damage. Also, check if your coverage is for replacement cost or actual cash value.

  • Assess The Damage

In case of roof damage after a storm, inspect your entire home instead of just the roof. Make sure you know the complete scope of roof damage before starting a claim.

  • Get An Estimate

Get an estimate for repairs from the best roofers in Columbia, SC. Do not wait for the adjuster to determine the roof repair cost. Also, get a written estimate on a roof repair company’s letterhead with the contractor’s contact information. Having an estimate ready to show to the adjuster can prevent unnecessary delays in the claims process. Time is essential when dealing with an insurance claim.

The longer you let a roof sit with damage, the costlier the repairs down the line. Remember, even a simple insurance claim can blow up into a nightmare. Keep records of all conversations with the insurance company from start to protect your interests.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Storm Damage?

The insurance plan covers roof damage resulting from water and ice damage, lightning strikes, power surges, wind, hail, and fallen trees. Homeowners insurance offers coverage for roof damage up to the limits stated in your policy. Call your insurance provider to learn more about the benefits covered under your policy. As the top roofing contractors, we guide our clients in the claims process and help them receive coverage within a short period.

Your search for roofing experts near you ends here. Call Midlands Roofing & Exteriors at (803) 567-1329 for help with roof insurance claims in South Carolina. We have helped hundreds of homeowners pay for roof repairs using home insurance. We can help you with your insurance claim and assist you along the process, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses considerably. Get in touch with us today.

Roof Insurance Claims South Carolina

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Roof Insurance Claims South Carolina

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