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Why are Gutters Important?

Here are a few reasons why you need to install gutters in your home or commercial building today.

Protecting Your Roof

If there is excess water accumulating on the roof after heavy rainfall, you should expect substantial damage to your roof in the long term. A proper gutter system protects your roof by ensuring that water runs off the roof rather than pooling on it.

Preserving the Foundation of Your House

Rain gutters drain rainwater far away from your house thereby preserving the foundation of your house.

Preventing Water Stains on Your Walls

After heavy rainfall, you may find some water stains on your side walls. Having a proper gutter system installed ensures that any excess water is properly drained thereby preventing water stains on your walls.

To Avoid Accidental Showers

If there is water falling without control from the roof means you may get unexpected showers when getting out of the house, patio, or garage. Once you install rain gutters, you can prevent these issues since the excess rainwater will be channeled accordingly.

Managing Water Distribution

Rain gutters allow you to control excess water. You can use the collected water to wash your car or water plants effortlessly.
If you want to enjoy these and more benefits of gutters, call Midlands Roofing for the best gutter installation services in Sandhills, SC.

How Do I Know When I Need New Gutters?

Are you wondering whether or not you need to replace your gutters? Here are some of the signs to look out for.

Cracks or Splits

At first, small cracks may not be a big issue but with time they are likely going to grow due to the water running through them. The excess water may also damage the roofing parts below resulting in costly repairs.

Paint Peeling Around Your Gutters

The paint on your gutters should be able to withstand any season. If you notice peeling paint or flecks or orange, it means your gutters are old and rusting. It’s time to replace them.

Mildew or Pools of Water Around Your Home’s Foundation

If there is a clog in your gutters or any type of damage, the excess rainwater will start falling to the foundation. Look for the damage and replace your gutters to avoid these and many more issues.

Sagging Gutters

If you notice that your gutters are sagging and pulling away from the house, it’s a sign that they are damaged and full of water. Take time to remove the clogs and replace the gutters if necessary.

If you notice these and any more signs with your gutters, call us immediately and we will replace your gutters for you.

Gutter Contractors in Sandhills

Are There Different Types of Gutters?

Yes, there are 3 main types of gutters. Here’s a summary of each type of gutter, its pros and cons.

1. K-style Gutter

It has a unique front edge resembling the crown molding on your roof. K-style gutters have a flat back so they are installed directly on the fascia board trim. It has bends and folds that provide a rigid structure. Some of the pros of these gutters include;

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Handle more water during heavy rainfall

Some of the cons include the following:

  • Easy clogging
  • More prone to corrosion

2. Half-round Gutter

They are often found in older homes. It is a circular pipe with the top half of the gutter open for water. They are often made out of copper but are also available in vinyl, aluminum and galvanized steel. Some of the pros include:

  • Create a rustic look for your home
  • Easy to clean
  • Less likely to corrode or rust
  • Less likely to clog

On the other hand, some of the notable disadvantages include the following.

  • Costly
  • Take longer to install
  • May not handle a lot of water during heavy rains.

3. Box Style Gutters

They are oversized gutters mostly found in commercial buildings. They are designed to handle more water from large roofs.

They must be installed during the construction process of the building and can’t be added on later. One of the main benefits is that these gutters can handle a lot of water.

On the other hand, they are costly and must be installed during the construction process.

Are Gutters Available in Different Materials?

Yes, gutters are available in the materials summarized below.


These gutters are lightweight, cheap, rust resistant, easy to install and available in numerous color options. On the other hand, they can start warping due to damage from extreme temperatures.


They are heavy-duty gutters often thicker than aluminum options. However, they are very expensive and often come loose requiring repairs

Galvanized Gutters

They are strong enough to handle heavy weights. However, they are very heavy and often come loose. Additionally, they are expensive and rust very fast.

Vinyl Gutters

They are cheap and easy to install. Even better, they are waterproof. However, the material is very cheap and bends easily. Additionally, it is only available in white so you are limited in the colors you can choose.

Why Should I Use Midlands Roofing to Replace My Gutters?

Choose our gutter contractors in Sandhills today if you are looking for the best gutter installation experts in Sandhills, SC. We have the experience and expertise to handle any type of gutters for both commercial and residential properties. Additionally, we hire only the best roofers on our team so you can count on the best results.

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