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If you are a homeowner, one thing you should understand is the importance of keeping your seamless gutters tidy. Not only does it improve your home’s aesthetic appeal but also keeps the foundation of your home safe.

Midlands Roofing in West Columbia, SC, offers seamless gutter solutions including installation, repair and maintenance services. Clean and properly functioning gutters help keep your home safe from water damage.

At Midlands Roofing, our services are affordable, trustworthy, and of high quality. Our gutter contractors in West Columbia are committed to ensuring our esteemed clients get the best quality service at the outright best possible rates.

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Why Are Gutters Important?

Gutters are important installations because they are responsible for water management. They effectively channel rain and stormwater from your roof through the downspouts, diverting the water to somewhere appropriate.

Your home can suffer serious water damage if the gutters are not functioning properly. They help prevent soil erosion and basement flooding and also protect your home’s painting, landscaping, and foundation.

Without proper gutters, you could end up with an array of problems since water damage can wreak havoc on your doors, siding, windows, and foundation. Keep in mind that installing gutters is not enough. You need to clean and maintain them regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

How Do I Know When I Need New Gutters?

You are probably wondering how you can tell when it’s time to install a new gutter system.

Here are some signs that you may need new gutters:

Cracks or Splits

It’s easy to overlook small cracks and splits in your gutters. While they may seem like a small issue, these cracks will in due course turn into big ones sooner than later. When these cracks do eventually become big, water will seep through and damage the shingles, fascia board, and the foundation below.

Peeling Paint

The paint on your gutters is designed to stand the test of time over the seasons. So if you see orange flecks or peeling paint on or around your gutter, it could be an indication that it is not rerouting water properly. Water could be seeping through thus damaging the paint.

Mildew Around the Foundation

If your gutters are not diverting water away from your home’s foundation, you will notice pools of water and mildew around the foundation. This might be a sign that the gutters are defective and could lead to foundation damage.

Water Marks Beneath the Gutters

If you notice serious water damage or water marks under your gutter, it should tell you that water is leaking or overflowing from the gutter. This should prompt you to install a new gutter system.

Sagging Gutters

One of the most obvious ways to tell that you need new gutters is when they start pulling away from your house. Gutters will sag if they are full of water or due to the weight of debris.

Are There Different Types of Gutters?

Gutters come in three main styles: Half-Round, K-Style, and Box-style gutters. K-Style and Half-Round gutters are the most popular.

Let’s look deeper into these different types of gutters:

K-Style Gutter

You will see K-Style gutters on most modern homes because of their unique shape on the front edge resembling crown molding. Since K-Style gutters have a flat back, you can install them directly on the fascia board without using brackets.
These types of gutters often come in sizes 5″ and 6″ with 5″ being the industry standard.


  • Cheapest option available
  • Easiest to install
  • Last longer than Half-Round
  • Can handle more water
  • Modern look


  • Clogs Easier
  • More vulnerable to corrosion

Half-Round Gutter

Half-Round gutters are common in older homes. Just like their name suggests, they resemble a half-cylindrical shape cut across the cross-section. Available in sizes 5″ and 6″, half-round gutters have a simple design and are usually made of copper.


  • Rustic look
  • Easier to clean
  • Less likely to clog
  • Less likely to rust or corrode


  • More expensive
  • Longer installation
  • Less efficient in heavy rains since it handles less water
  • Less durable than K-Style (Easily takes damage)
  • Heavier (sags over time)

Box-Style Gutter

Another popular type of gutter is the box-style gutter commonly found in industrial or commercial buildings.

They are often installed on large roofs because they are intended to handle large amounts of water.

Box gutters need to be installed during the construction of the building. They come in standard sizes 7″ and 8″ but you can also get a size 10″.

West Columbia Gutter Contractors

Are Gutters Available in Different Materials?

Now that we know the different design options for gutters, let’s look at the different types of gutter material:

Aluminum Gutters


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Rust proof
  • Easiest to install
  • Has an array of color options


  • Can warp

Copper Gutters


  • Nice luster look
  • Thicker and tougher than aluminum


  • Most expensive
  • Heavier so they pull away more often

Galvanized Steel Gutters


  • Strong and sturdy


  • Too Heavy (Often sags)
  • Expensive
  • Rust very easily

Vinyl Gutters


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Very easy to install (DIY Installation)


  • Bends easily
  • Only available color is white

Why Should I Use Midlands Roofing to Replace My Gutters?

Most homeowners will agree that the most common issue they deal with is the maintenance of roofs and gutters. Cleaning and repairing the roof and gutters time and time again becomes a hassle. At Midlands Roofing in West Columbia, we are experts who understand how gutters work.

We provide a range of gutter services that involve repair and maintenance. Our company provides gutter pressure washing services to rid your gutters of any slime that may prevent adequate water flow for ideal drainage. We will take out all the gutter clutter caused by high winds and thunderstorms.

Our technicians can also install new, up-to-date gutter systems to improve the convenience of your home. We also provide installation services for seamless gutters and gutter guards.
High on the list of services we offer is gutter repair. We specialize in repairing damaged gutters to help fix leakages and other issues.

On top of gutter repair, our specialists also mend downspouts to help keep your lawn clear. Midlands Roofing has superb West Columbia gutter contractors who offer outstanding gutter repair and installation services.

We value our clients and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of quality services. Our company also has expert contractors that are ready to assist with all your roofing issues.

Looking for Trusted Gutter Contractors in West Columbia?

Homeowners might sometimes overlook the importance of clean and well-functioning gutters. As gutter experts, we know they provide an effective and reliable means to protect your home from moisture damage.

We boast of an excellent reputation when it comes to roofing and gutter services. We provide top-quality gutter installation services at competitive prices. Our highly skilled contractors have many years of experience in gutter installation, repair, and maintenance.

No job is too large or too small for our seasoned contractors. To talk to a Midlands Roofing expert about gutters, call 803-414-6801.

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